Escaperoom Junkie is uitgeroepen tot Top Room van 2022 door TERPECA


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Due to availability of our actors/hosts a reservation in less then 48 hours can only be arranged if consulted.

Ít is also possible that a reservation is cancelled at the last moment. Want to play our thrilling escape experience today or tomorrow, try to contact us by phone at . We will check right away to see if it is possible for you to steal a body from our morgue the same day. .


Escape room

Always wanted to steal a body from the morgue?
Get carried away in thrilling mixture of real life gaming with an actor and the traditional puzzles of an escape room. And make sure not to get caught!

Players say:

We’ve played this escape room with a group of 5 people. As an experienced escaper I knew I could expect something extra, but I never thought to see such fun puzzles and experiences in one room. There were also a lot of new puzzles that I didn’t see in any other escape rooms.

The addition of a guard is really amazing. The dynamic game elements keeps the tension very high and also makes you think multiple times before you make a decision.

All in all, definitely a room in my top 3.

lethalrabbit /

What an experience from the beginning till the end! We talked a lot about what we saw, the puzzles and what was happening around us. And such enthusiastic colleagues!

Marly /

Very good escape room with some fun twists and turns. Not traditional. Not just locks but also games to unlock points!

Milo /

The story behind corpse inc.

CORPSE INC., also known as CORPSE, takes place in a morgue in Baarn, but nothing is what it seems.

CORPSE INC takes place in a morgue in Baarn, but be aware, nothing is what it seems.
You’ll be hired by an anonymous source for an extraordinary mission. In this morgue are the mortal remains of a person. You and your team are going to try and break into the place to get the remains of this person out of this facility. But there’s a catch, a security guard is constantly guarding the place.
Step into the shoes of a cleaner, employee or AC mechanic find out if you and your team are capable of staying out of sight from the guard so you and your team can successfully complete the mission.


Our prices depend on the amount of players and if you want to play on a weekday or weekend. The more players you have, the cheaper  the price per person will be. If you play with 6 players, the price per person is about 23 euro’s.

Monday till Wednesday:
3 – 6 persons: € 139

Thursday till Sunday:
3- 6 persons
€ 149